Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: Is this the same Cambridge Diet that I was so successful with in the 1980's?

A:  Yes, it is the same Cambridge Diet plus a number of products that have evolved based on continuing research and state of the art technology, into products that are unsurpassed in formulation and flavor. (It Tastes Great)

Q:  I have been trying to find a Cambridge Distributor (Counselor) recently, but I have been unsuccessful. How can I find a way to purchase the Cambridge Diet Products?

A:  To Order the Cambridge Diet, click on the "Buy Online" button at top of this page or phone us at the number listed above and place your order. We sell & ship all over the U.S.!!

Q:  I used to be a Cambridge Distributor, and I would like to sell the Cambridge Diet products again. What are the requirements and how can I become a Cambridge Diet Distributor?

A:  In order to be a Distributor  and sell the Cambridge Diet Products, another Distributor must sponsor you. The only requirement to becoming a Distributor is a $40.00 enrollment fee, and if you choose to renew next year, a $40.00 renewal fee. You must also be willing to try and sell Cambridge Products. You no longer have to buy a certain amount or sell a certain amount of Cambridge Products, but when you order you must order 6 cans which is 1 case to get the Distributor price.  

Q:  I have never used the Cambridge Diet. What is the Cambridge Diet?

A:  The Cambridge Diet is a Delicious Nutritional Supplement that has 100 % balanced nutrition in only 110 to 140 calories per serving. The Cambridge Diet is effective for weight loss, weight management, and for excellent nutrition.

Q:  Can I lose weight with the Cambridge Diet?

A:  Yes, remarkable weight loss results occur with the Cambridge Diet. Here 's the answer you've been looking for! Whether your goal is to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds or more. In three servings a day-for less than 500 calories, you are guaranteed 100% of everything you need for good health for only a fraction of the cost of conventional food.

Q:  Can I use the Cambridge Diet for Nutrition?

A:  Yes, the Cambridge Diet is a nutritional supplement developed by a Doctor at Cambridge University. Each serving contains 33% of the U.S. RDA's for vitamins and minerals-plus all the trace elements and electrolytes as recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council. The Cambridge Diet is low in fat, high in nutrients, and it metabolizes slowly for lasting energy. The Cambridge Diet provides complete balanced nutrition.

Q:  How does the Cambridge Diet taste?

A:  The Cambridge Diet has almost 100% acceptance and taste appeal. You'll never be bored or feel deprived because the Cambridge Diet is absolutely delicious and amazingly versatile.

Q:  What are the Cambridge Diet Products?

A:  The Cambridge Diet Products consist of Cambridge Soups, Cambridge Super Oats, Cambridge Nutrition Bars, Cambridge Shakes & Cambridge Chocolate Pudding.

Q:  How is the Cambridge Diet Used?

A:  The Cambridge Diet is used 3 or 4 times daily with or without additional food.

Q:  How do you prepare the Cambridge Diet?

A:  Most Cambridge Diet products are quickly and easily mixed in your blender.

Q:  What do you mix the Cambridge Diet with?

A:  The Cambridge Diet is mixed with Hot or Cold water, or Diet Soda Pop, or Coffee.

Q:  What are the flavors offered by the Cambridge Diet?

A: The flavors for the different products are listed on our pricing page, click the "Pricing" button at the top of the page.

Q:  What is the difference between the Original 330 Cambridge Diet and the 420 Cambridge Diet Food For Life (FFL)?

A:  The Original 330 Cambridge Diet has only 75 % of the of Protein as determined by the U.S. Government's Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). However, if you choose to use it without food, you may get the proper amount of protein by using 4 rounded servings a day instead of three. All other ingredients are identical in both products. The 330 has 110 calories per serving. The 420 Cambridge Diet FFL has 160 calories and 100% of the RDA of protein. It is lower in lactose and the protein is primarily from soy. The products are available in shakes, soups, Super Oats Cereal & bars. The FFL shakes & Soups have 140 calories per serving. The Super Oats have 160 calories & Bars have 170 calories.

Q:  When I order a case (6 cans) of the Cambridge Diet, may I mix the products or flavors in the case?

A:  Yes, you may order whatever you like in your case of 6 items