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CAMBRIDGE Frquently Asked Questions: GENERAL

Q. Is there anyone who can't lose weight on Cambridge products?

A. No! Losing weight results when you use more calories for energy than you consume. When Cambridge products are used as the exclusive source of nutrition, only 420 calories per day are consumed. While the rate at which people use calories can vary substantially, no one uses less than 1,200 calories per day. With a calorie deficit of nearly 800 calories, you can't help but lose weight.

Q. How well has the Cambridge products been tested?

A. The Original Cambridge Diet was tested for over eight years before it was released to the public. Since that time there have been dozens of studies conducted on both the effectiveness and safety of the Cambridge products and programs. The results are always the same. Cambridge is very effective in reducing weight quickly and is very safe when used as directed.

Q. Is Cambridge like the Liquid Protein Diet?

A. No! The Liquid Protein Diet was not a balanced formula. Its protein was extracted from boiled cowhides and didn't contain all of the essential amino acids. In addition, the Liquid Protein Diet did not contain all of the vitamins and minerals required for good health. The protein in Cambridge products is derived from milk and soy isolates and contains all 22 essential amino acids. The Cambridge formulas also contain all of the vitamins and minerals required for good health, and are perfectly balanced.

Q. Has anyone ever died from using Cambridge products?

A. Cambridge products have been commercially available for over 20 years. During that time there have been over 10 million users. It has never been established that any of these users ever died as a direct result of using Cambridge products. In the early 80's there were erroneous reports of deaths associated with the use of Cambridge products. In fact, the deaths in the reports turned out to be associated with the use of the liquid protein diet.

Q. Is it necessary to consult a Doctor before starting on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Certainly, if a person is taking any type of medication, has an existing medical condition or is under a doctor's care for any other reason it is essential that they consult their physician before embarking on any weight loss plan including those offered by Cambridge. If a person is healthy and has no apparent medical problems, there is not reason that they should need to consult a physician before beginning a weight loss plan as long as they follow the published program guidelines.

Q. I've heard that a small percentage of the nutrients in Cambridge products are not "natural. Why?

A. Most of the nutrients in Cambridge products are from natural sources. However, there are a few that are synthetic. Some nutrients from natural sources are not readily available in consistent quality or are prohibitively expensive. When the body absorbs nutrients, it does not discriminate between those from natural sources and those which are synthetic. It is important to have the proper combination of nutrients in proper quantities present.

Q. Do the Cambridge products contain any preservatives?

A. The Cambridge products contain no preservatives. That is why it is important to always store in a cool and dry environment both before and after opening.

Q. Why is there fat in Cambridge products?

A. A small amount of fat is required by the body each day. Fat is necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D and E. Fat also helps avoid skin rash, anemia and promotes healing.

Q. Are the Cambridge Weight loss programs as effective for smaller people with only a little weight to lose as it is for very large people with lots of weight to lose?

A. Regardless of size, everyone needs the same basic nutrients to remain healthy. Cambridge products contain 100% of those nutrients. Weight loss is a function of eating fewer calories than the body uses (caloric deficit). A caloric deficit will cause anyone, regardless of starting size to lose weight. The rate of initial weight loss for very large personal will be higher because the rate at which they use calories is usually somewhat higher. The real difference is time. Most large people will require longer reaching their goal than most small people.

Q. Won't I always be hungry on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Whenever a person changes their eating habits they are going to undergo a period of adjustment. When starting on a Cambridge Weight loss program it is very normal to experience mild hunger during the first few days. Once the body adjusts to the new eating regimen, the hunger should subside or disappear.

Q. Can I consume too many vitamins or minerals from using Cambridge products?

A. The vitamin and mineral content of Cambridge products exactly match the Recommended Daily Allowances. There is no danger of consuming too many vitamins or minerals from the use of Cambridge products.

Q. Can Cambridge products benefit people who are not overweight?

A. Absolutely! Many people have discovered that Cambridge products used as a nutritional supplement has given them a greater sense of vitality and energy.

Q. Can pregnant women use Cambridge products?

A. Many pregnant women have used Cambridge products as a nutritional supplement to the great benefit of themselves and their child. Cambridge products may also be used to control weight gain during pregnancy when combined with conventional food and under a physicians care. We do not recommend that a pregnant women use Cambridge products as the sole source of nutrition.

Q. Can a woman who is breast-feeding use Cambridge products?

A. There is no reason why a breast-feeding mother should not use Cambridge products. The products contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary to promote good health in both the mother and the child. However, we do not recommend that the products be used as the sole source of nutrition while breast-feeding. Calorie intake while breast-feeding should not be less than 1,000 calories per day.

Q. Can I use the Cambridge products if I'm also using birth control pills?

A. There is no reason not to use the Cambridge products while using birth control pills.

Q. Can children use Cambridge products?

A. Many children are using Cambridge products as a supplement to regular eating patterns with notable results. There is a trend in decreased consumption of "empty calorie" snacks and a movement toward better eating habits. Because they are still growing and developing, children should not be on a VLCD program. However, the Cambridge Regular Program can be very helpful with over weight children. When placing children on a weight loss plan, we recommend that you consult with a physician to determine the appropriate caloric intake.

Q. Can elderly people use Cambridge products?

A. There is no reason why an elderly person in good health cannot use Cambridge products. Elderly people with medical conditions should only be on a weight loss plan under a physicians care. Cambridge is an outstanding, broad-spectrum nutritional supplement that can be extremely beneficial to elderly persons who are not normally eating enough to get all the nutrients their body requires.

Q. What is the role of Cambridge with athletics?

A. Cambridge products are now seen on many athletic training tables in both individual and team sports. It provides a strong nutritional foundation for athletes whose performance is largely dependent upon their bodies receiving the precise balance of nutrients, which Cambridge provides. Cambridge offers great versatility to the athlete -- as a nutritional weight reduction program, when necessary; and as a comprehensive balance of macronutrients and micronutrients to supplement and enhance the body's utilization of conventional foods to maintain or add weight.