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CAMBRIDGE Frquently Asked Questions: MEDICAL

Q. How are Cambridge products and programs being accepted in the medical community?

A. Very-low-calorie diets are gradually gaining acceptance among medical and health professionals. Many medical weight management programs are based on VLCDs. Most physicians are not concerned with the use of the products per se. Their concern is that people who are under medical treatment will go on a weight loss program without their knowledge or supervision. You should always determine if a prospective customer is under a physician’s care and urge them to consult with their doctor before starting on any weight reduction program. Cambridge provides physician-monitoring guidelines for the physicians use.

Q. Can people with diabetes be on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Yes! Many diabetics have lost weight using Cambridge products with no adverse effect. As a result, they have often been able to reduce or eliminate their medication and minimize health risks associated with diabetes. Medical supervision is mandatory so that blood sugar levels can be monitored and medication changed as required.

Q. Can people with hypoglycemia be on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Yes! Many people with hypoglycemia have lost weight using Cambridge products. They frequently report that their physical and emotional states showed a marked improvement. Some hypoglycemic users report greater success from six half servings per day rather than three full servings. People with hypoglycemia should consult their physicians before going on a very low calorie diet regimen.

Q. Can people with high blood pressure be on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Yes! Many people with high blood pressure have experienced significant reduction in blood pressure as a result of losing weight while using Cambridge products. In many case there has also been a normalization, which allowed a decrease in medication previously required. People under treatment for high blood pressure should consult with their physician when on a weight reduction program.

Q. Can people with lactose intolerance be on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Yes! Although Cambridge products contain non-fat dry milk, they are relatively low in lactose. If problems occur, they can usually be alleviated by using an over the counter products such as "Lactaid" available in most pharmacies.

Q. Can people who have a tendency toward gout be on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Gout is caused by an excess of uric acid in the blood. Because of the balance of protein and carbohydrate, Cambridge programs should not cause an increase in the uric acid content of the body. If you are on medication for gout, you should work closely with your physician so that medication can be changed when necessary. Individuals who lose significant amounts of weight usually show reduced levels of uric acid.

Q. Can use of Cambridge products cause gallstones?

A. The Cambridge products do not cause gallstones. Gallstones are caused by a malfunction of the gall bladder that results in an excessive build up of minerals in that organ. Individuals predisposed to gall bladder problems should not be on a very-low-calorie diet unless their doctor monitors them.

Q. Can I use Cambridge products if I suffer from ulcers?

A. There is nothing in Cambridge products that should interfere with or aggravate an ulcer condition. In fact, the use of Cambridge products has been report to reduce ulcer symptoms. However, you should always consult with your physician if you are on medication for ulcers.

Q. Can I use Cambridge products if I have previously suffered a heart attack or am under medical treatment for a heart condition?

A. If you have any previous history of heart disease, you should check with your doctor before starting any weight reduction program. Your doctor should decide the appropriateness of a low calorie diet. The Doctor may want to recommend the added use of conventional foods (the Regular Program) with a calorie intake close to 1,000. Reducing weight can be very beneficial and help to prevent future medical problems.

Q. Can I use Cambridge products if I am on a low sodium diet?

A. The Cambridge formula contains approximately 500 mg of sodium, or 1,500 mg per day. This is considered to be a low intake of sodium. However, it is advisable to check with you physician to be sure that sodium intake is not in excess of the Doctor's recommendation for your particular condition.

Q. Can I use Cambridge products along with a diuretic?

A. Cambridge products have a natural diuretic effect. If you are taking a prescription diuretic you should consult with your Doctor before beginning a weight loss program of any kind. If you are not taking prescription diuretics, no other diuretic should be used.

Q. Can I use Cambridge products if my Doctor has prescribed tranquilizers?

A. There are no contra-indications that would preclude the use of tranquilizers as prescribed by your Doctor.

Q. Can I use Cambridge products if I'm being treated for a thyroid condition?

A. Cambridge products are compatible with all standard thyroid treatments. However, you should consult with your Doctor before beginning a weight loss program.

Q. What if my Doctor does not recommend that I go on a Cambridge Weight loss program?

A. Your Doctor may have a sound reason why you should not be on a weight loss program, or your doctor may not be familiar with the excellent results that are being realized with the Cambridge programs. We recommend that you ask you doctor what he feels there is in Cambridge products that might be harmful. In addition, you might ask that he monitor you while on the diet and give him a copy of the Physician Monitoring Guidelines. As with any other medical advise you are given, you are always entitled to a second opinion.